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No one quite knows why Alex Sadnik started playing the saxophone. A family friend believes it might have been his exposure to the Sesame Street’s “Put Down the Duckie”. Perhaps it was a particularly pleasing finish he saw on his first saxophone that fateful day in 5th grade when he first picked it up. But what cannot be disputed is his dedication to the craft of music and education.

Alex attended the music program at California State University, Long Beach where he completed a bachelors of music with an emphasis in music composition in 2007. He spent his undergraduate time immersed in saxophone performance, jazz studies, music theory and the practical application of a music education.

He has been active in music education for a decade, maintaining a private studio of young woodwind students and coaching throughout Southern California. He previously served as woodwind instructor for schools in the Irvine and Long Beach Unified School Districts and now works for Mesa Verde Middle School in Moorpark, CA.

Today, Alex’s regular musical experiences include playing for Jazzy Ash and the Leaping Lizards, the Teryn Re Big Band, as well as leading his own ensemble. He has toured extensively with Jazzy Ash, with highlights including two residences at Lincoln Center in New York and performances at The Getty Museum, Lollapalooza, Lied Center at KU, Broad Stage, Miami Theater Center, Capitol Theatre, and many more.

The mission of his ensemble is to present inspired arrangements of his favorite songs alongside original compositions. His diversity of experience creates a unique juxtaposition of jazz, rock, folk and improvised expression.

In December of 2016, Alex began working with producer Chris Schlarb at BIG EGO Studios as session musician and horn arranger. This collaboration has resulted in appearances on Jazzy Ash’s Swing Set, Anthony Shadduck’s Quartet and Double Quartet, GUMA, and albums from Psychic Temple, Eamon Fogarty, Dana T, R. Scott, and Ry Welch.

His catalog as a leader includes the EP album Londelius, featuring Jeff Parker on guitar, Carey Frank on organ and Wurlitzer, Anna Butterss on bass, and Tina Raymond on drums. This EP session also produced two music videos featuring arrangements of Charlie Parker’s Marmaduke and Votre Toast from the opera Carmen. An upcoming LP is slated for release in Fall of 2019 featuring Jeff Parker, Carey Frank, and Stephen Hodges. All of his music is available for streaming or purchase on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and Bandcamp.