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1. The Quiet of Rage
2. The Judged Without the Judge
3. The Cost and the Complacency
4. Marmaduke
5. Votre Toast

Jeff Parker (Guitar), Carey Parker (Organ and Wurlitzer),
Anna Butterss (bass), and Tina Raymond (drums)

©2019 BIG EGO Records

Alex Sadnik_Londelius_EP_Front.png

The Quiet of Rage

1. The Quiet of Rage

Jeff Parker (Guitar), Carey Parker (Organ),
Anna Butterss (bass), and Tina Raymond (drums)

©2019 BIG EGO Records



jlh_almost heaven.png

Jeremiah Llyod Harmon -
almost heaven

A single of epic proportions and sound! You may recognize Jeremiah from his season of American Idol, and this music is now part of the BIG EGO fold. I was amazingly lucky to arrange the horns for this (and the upcoming LP) and also play alto sax in the killer horn section.

©2019 BIG EGO Records

Eamon Fogarty Blue Values.jpg

Eamon Fogarty - Blue Values

My first ever session at BIG EGO Studios! Lot’s of free improvisation madness on alto saxophone, joined by a woodwind section of Phillip Greenleaf and Brian Walsh.

©2019 Jealous Butcher Records

R. Scott Ghosts of Merced.jpg

R. Scott - ghosts of merced

A Four-Part Suite of jazz and collective improvisation. Very reminiscent of Blue Note Herbie Hancock and CTI recordings. You can hear my on alto saxophone joined by a woodwind section of Nic Chaffee and Charles Sharp.

©2019 Orenda Records



An amazing statement of an ablum featuring some of LA’s best musicians and minds. Contributed horn arrangements and recorded them with DD Horns, featuring Danny Levin and David Moyer.

©2019 BIG EGO Records

Anthony Shadduck Quartet and Double Quartet.jpg

Anthony Shadduck - Quartet and Double Quartet

The perfect encapsulation of the music of my friend and collaborator. There are two monster ensembles complied for these sides. I contributed to the free jazz madness with alto and tenor saxophones and clarinet.

©2018 BIG EGO Records

Dana T Harsh Forever.jpg

Dana T - Harsh Forever

A true post-modern groove fest. Dana’s arrangements are the real deal and I joined DD Horns and Kris Tiner in realizing his epic horn charts.

©2018 Telsrow Records

Jazzy Ash Swing Set.jpg

Jazzy Ash - Swing Set

The first and only New Orleans jazz band just for kids and families! Hearing this album brings me so much joy. I provided a few arrangements for the album as well as all the woodwinds.

©2017 Leaping Lizards Music